Our family is growing!

The MacArthurs are adopting from South Korea.

A Little About Us

We’re Alex and Hannah MacArthur, a couple of Minnesota-to-Tennessee transplants with two adorable little girls, Autumn (3) & Pippa (2).

For as long as we’ve been married, we’ve had a desire to adopt. We weren’t sure if it would actually happen or not, until about two years ago, when God started to put adoption on our hearts as the avenue for adding a third child to our family. We had just welcomed our daughter Pippa into the world and were still trying to get rid of our student loan debt, but we knew we needed to start praying about it.

In April of 2018, feeling ready for another child in our family, we started looking into different agencies and how to get started with the process. We found there were many waiting lists of children who were ready and waiting for homes, and it felt like a little fire had been lit in our hearts. After learning more about the different paths to adopt, we decided to move forward with South Korea. Since deciding to move forward, we have been eagerly working through all of the details of our home study, and we are so excited to be getting even closer to bringing our next child home! Our next step is gathering the remaining country and agency fees so that we can be officially matched with a child.

Throughout this entire journey, John 6 has been reminding us to choose faith over fear. Before Jesus miraculously feeds 5,000 people, he asks Philip where they can buy food for them, and Philip responds by saying 200 days’ wages wouldn’t be enough to feed them all. We love what it says about this encounter: “[Jesus] said this to test him, for He Himself knew what He was going to do.” Before committing to the process, we were a little overwhelmed, but we believe God is asking us to do this, and despite the ambiguity surrounding the “how,” He already knows what He’s going to do, and that’s good enough to move into it.

Stay Up to Date

Check back for updates. As we have them, we’ll be sharing them here.

MacArthur Family Photo