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On Our Way!

Well, we are somewhere over Canada right now! It’s been a while since we’ve written an update for those who don’t get to talk with us on a regular basis, so let’s recap what’s happened so far this year!

And here we are in September on our first trip to Korea! We have to wait 3-6 weeks after our meeting with the judge before we are given the final approval and granted custody, so we will take another trip in late October/November to bring him home.

But I’m sure you’re wondering what all we are doing on this trip… so let’s get into that!

Meetings with Emry

We get to start out the week by having our first one-hour meeting with Emry and his foster mom! We are excited and slightly nervous, but overall we just can’t wait to see the precious face we’ve only seen on a screen for over nine months! Emry is turning two years old while we are here, and we get the blessing of spending a second hour-long meeting with him on his actual birthday!

Agency Meetings

We will have a Visa application appointment at the adoption agency. And we will also be meeting with the president of the agency and many other adoptive families who will be there as well. I have heard there is a floor in the building where they take care of the newborns in their care before they go to a foster family, so we may get a tour.

Court Meeting

We are scheduled for court this week with many other families, so the agency takes us all over there together. Each family has a meeting with the judge and a translator. This is so that the judge can ask us any questions, or go over any concerns after reading through our home study. They are also sent a picture from our meeting with Emry earlier in the week, and will ask us how that went.

Seeing Korea and Experiencing Korean Culture

We will have some free time between meetings and after court to get to go to the local shopping markets, must-see places, and learn about as much as we can about the country and culture Emry will always be connected to.

Prayer Requests

We would love your prayer for all the meeting to be filled with the Holy Spirit and peace as we start an in-person relationship with Emry. Our two girls are also home for the week without us, which is a first for them, so you can pray that they would have peace and fun this week while we are gone as well. And pray for safety and health during our travels for us and for our girls at home, as well as my (Hannah’s) sisters who are watching them while we are away.

Thank you all so much for your support, prayers, and love. We are remembering each of your faces, words, and help you’ve given for us to be here right now. We can’t wait until he’s home.