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We Are EP Submitted!

Our prayers have been answered!!!! We were submitted to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for Emigration on March 8th with several others and we are so grateful!! We are sad for those who were matched around the same time we were, who did not make that batch of adoption file submissions, but we rejoice that our file is moving to the next step!

Because of this movement with our file, we now have a little better guess as to when we will be traveling. Based on others who have been through the process before us, we expect to be traveling between July and October. Things are always changing though, so we do not count on this time frame, nor do we stop praying for a quicker process.

If you didn’t catch the last update, here are the steps that need to happen before we can bring Emry home:

  1. We need emigration approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea.
  2. Our file will be submitted to court and we are assigned a judge.
  3. The judge will review our file and assign us a court date.
  4. We take our first trip to Korea to appear in court & meet Emry.
  5. After final approval, we take a second trip to Korea (about 3-6 weeks after the first trip) for custody and getting Emry’s visa.

We would love your prayers over our file in these next steps of this process. Sometimes more documents and things can be requested by the ministry or the judge to help them approve the adoption, which could cause a small delay, so please pray that they do not need anything more from us. Also, the group of files one step ahead of us is a large group that could take a while to move through their court processes, so please pray that the group before ours moves quickly and our group is not delayed by them.. Lastly, we are hoping that we can get custody on the earlier side of our estimated time frame, so that we can celebrate Emry’s 2nd birthday at home as a family. Wouldn’t that be so wonderful?! Please pray our file moves quickly!

Thank you all for your prayer, support, and for wanting to stay up to date on where everything is at. We are thankful for everyone who is here along side of us!